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32 sixteen - SS in the UK
The Bicycle Escape - Frederick, MD bike shop providing SSO with tech support.
The Bike Path - Writer-photographer Wayne Lankford's singletrack impressions.
Blue Collar MTB - Biking for the everyday man
One Gear 2.0 - French single speeders.
Cars-R-Coffins - Singlespeed. Punk Rock. MPLS.
Crosstown Honolulu - Honolulu's only all-bike messenger company .
Dragon Tongue Singlespeeds - SS in Washington (the state, not the capitol)
Drunk Cyclist
Grrrizzly mountain bike page - SS and MTB
Intergalactic Launch - SS in Colorado and Outerspace
Mark's SS Page - Pointing you in the right direction
SingleSpeed.net - Unity in one
SingleSpeed.nl - Single Speeders in Holland. Available in Dutch and English. Right on.
Team Frank - New England Single Speeders


Matt Chester - Ti Bicycle Fabricator
Palmero Bicycles - Repairs, braze-ons and drop out conversions for steel frames. Made-to-measure steel frames
Paul's Component Engineering - High end SS items
Phil Wood - Sweet Single Speed hubs and frames
On One - UK SS frames and parts
Spot Bikes - SS frames and parts
Surly Bikes - Inexpensive (but not cheap!) 4130 SS frames and parts


Icebike Home Page - Ride year round
Sheldon Brown - Single Speed, Fixed Gears and tons of bike info.
Wikipedia - sSingle Speed entry


Harlot - Hip cycling apparel for the savvy woman.
Swobo - Wool cycling gear and shit.
The Third Hand - All the little bits and parts you need to rebuild almost anything on your bike plus the tools to do it with.
Webcyclery - Trials, Singlespeeds, DS, Dirtjumping, Mountain bike Specialists


DC Courier - DC Bike Courier Clearing House
IFBMA - International Federation of Bike Messenger Associations
IMBA - International Mountain Bicycling Association
MORE - The Mid Atlantic Off Road Enthuiasts
One Less Car - The title speaks for itself
SSCXWC - Single Speed Cyclocross World Championship Triangle MTB - NC MTB: Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill


Evel Knievel - Inspiration
Evil Cycling - The Black Train of Death is upon you.
Mountainbike Militiamen Movement - Freedom?


Bicycle Trader - Classified ads to find all types of bikes
Bike Magazine - Been known to cover SS on occasion
Dirt Rag Magazine - No BS MTB Mag
Lambchop Monthly - Messenger Life
MTB Journal - MTB News, and the're single speed friendly
Outcast - UK SS 'zine
Pinkbike.com - Biking news, photos, video...
Silver Cat - A 'zine that supports single speeds
Singletrack Magazine - UK MTB mag with regular SS coverage


BikeForums.net - The name explains
The Bike Site - Mid-Atlantic Cycling forum.
MTBR - SS Board - Be Social, trade info
Ride Monkey - Mountain biking simians that can type
SS MTB List at Topica - Stay connected: On the board or in your eMail
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