Single Speed and Fixed Gear articles:
There's been a lot of articles written about single speed mountain bikes, fixed gear road and track bikes and the variations of all of them. A lot of the articles are written by outsiders who mix things up, get facts wrong or just write in a style that would make most of us laugh (not with them, but at them). A few articles are decent, some might even be good. That's for the reader to decide. Below is a collection of what is floating around there on the electronic highway.

The Baltimore Sun: Ungeared Ecstasy

The Berkeley Beacon: The bike the couriers warned you about

Bike Magic: Singlespeed World Championships 2001

The Boston Globe: Bicycle polo: Go slowly, but carry big stick

Cycling News: Singlespeed Worlds rock
Cycling News: Singlespeed World Championships: A singular experience

The Daily Texan: Local fixed-gear cyclists unite

The Daily Utah Chronicle: If the bike is fixed, it ain't broken

The Denver Post:The fix is in, and it's on a mountain bike

Durango Telegraph: Local crew scores 09 Single Speed World Championships for Durango

The Guardian: No brakes, no gears: the latest bike craze

Journal Sentinel: Single-speed ahead! Biker takes remarkable ride to victory

KVAL: One-speed mountain bikes gain traction in Oregon

Los Angeles Times: A path to awareness on a single speed

Miami New Times: Miami According to Brooklyn

Metro Active: Pedal to the Mettle

The New York Times: The Bicycle Thieves Among Us
The New York Times: A Brooklyn Bike Race Worthy of James Dean
The New York Times: Unstoppable
The New York Times: Single-Speed Race for Multitude of Pedaling Eccentrics

NPR: Cyclists Switch to Single-Speed Bikes
NPR: Polo on Wheels
NPR: The Scorcher

OC Register: Getting business into gear

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: The Limberness of the Fixed Gear Mind

The Post and Courier: Fixed-gear bicycles making move

Red Orbit: Fast Bikes, No Brakes
Red Orbit: Capital Bike Couriers Ride Hard, Drink Hard, Crash Hard

The San Diego Union-Tribune: More riders trying fixie bikes with one gear, many risks

San Francisco Chronicle: Commuter bikes: Balancing roads, personality
San Francisco Chronicle: Single-minded cyclists have old-school cool
San Francisco Chronicle: Lacking brakes and shifters, fixies keep cyclists intimate with their pedals

The Scotsman: Alleycat cyclists hold illegal race through Capital's streets

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: The singular appeal of the single-speed bike

The Seattle Times: Fixed-sated: Coasting is for poseurs.

St. Petersburg Times: Want a ride without brakes?

Washington Post Express: Singular Performance: Get in Gear With Single Speed

Wired: Fixed-Gear Bikes an Urban Fixture

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