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Single Speed Outlaw Factory Team

The Single Speed Outlaw Factory Team is a grassroots mountain bike team that promotes mountain biking and trail advocacy. Where most teams promote sponsors solely through racing, our team members give extra exposure for sponsors by leading bike rides throughout Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Washington DC, as well as contributing volunteer hours to trail building, maintenance, and cycling advocacy. We want more people riding bikes and we want more places to ride our bikes. And of course we want more people riding single speeds, that should go without saying.

If you don't already do it, support your local trail advocacy group. And it should go without saying, support IMBA. Joining costs about the price of a mountain bike tire, it's a no brainer.

Origin of Species
Some people wonder exactly where the name of the team came from, so here is a quick explanation. Back in the year 2000 when this 'zine/web site was conceived, single speeds did not have the foothold they do now. Many riders we came across were getting their first exposure when they saw us riding. "Regular" cyclists saw us as freaks, fools, and just plain crazy; outlaws of the cycling world. Some of those same riders have now converted to the dark side, others still think we aren't too smart for our tool of choice.

The Factory Team moniker is a nod to days past. It's something that conjures up (for me) the days of the BMX and freestyle teams of the early 80's, the ones leading the charge and having the most fun. The girls and guys on this team are doing the same thing today in their own way.

The sponsors we have partnered with is no accident, each was chosen because we believe in their product and services. Try them for yourself and see - you won't be disappointed. Seriously.

The Bicycle Escape
The Bicycle Escape is a cycling shop in Frederick, MD that is a Platinum level sponsor for the team. We asked them to support the team because they provide top notch service without an attitude and the owners really support local cycling. They also are well stocked with single speed components and 29er tubes and tires. When you visit, tell them you found out about the shop from the SSO team.

Clipper City Brewing
Baltimore's premier micro-brewer. Home of the Heavy Seas line of beers. The Factory Team's energy recovery drink of choice!

Serfas Optics
Serfas Optics produces high quality eye wear. They will be protecting the eyeballs of the SSO Factory Team this season. You only have one set of eyes - if you can't see, you can't ride.

Kenda Tires
Kenda Tires, home of the John Tomac signature series and the Nevegal 29 x 2.2 Dual Tread Compound tire. Lots of great tires in tread patterns for every situation, they'll help you keep the rubber side down.

Hydration packs, backpacks and accessories that are unbelievably well thought out. German engineering at it's finest. If you are tired of a sweaty back check out any of their items with the Advanced Air Comfort feature. The dromedary has nothing on these guys.

Chrome Messenger Bags
Well designed messenger bags and urban cycling wear that help you ditch the car and use your bike for transportation.

Honey Stinger
Pure natural energy for the ride.


If you think your company is a good match for the team and want sponsorship information send an email to factoryteam@singlespeedoutlaw.com

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