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Issue #4
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Editor's Note
Issue Intro
Junk Drawer
Listening Booth
New Issues
Factory Team Support
The Bicycle Escape
Clipper City Beer
Serfas Optics
Kenda Tires
Chrome Messenger Bags
Honey Stinger
Team Info

Editor's Note

Riding. It's what most of us live for. It's why words haven't been transformed into pixels on my part lately. Many tires have been worn out since you saw the last issue come out. I write things in my head all the time while riding. Most of the time it never makes it to permanent record. When I figure how to do a brain dump straight to hard disk things will be a lot easier. Regardless, future issues will definitely be published sooner. I promise. Send beer though, it helps fuel production.

Now, on to other issues: Backup. It's a good thing. Don't need it most of the time, but you are glad it's there when things go south. A spare tube, those extra chain links you finally remembered to grab, the energy bar buried deep in the pack. Where's this going? Well, all the site content is backed up and secure. But, there's always that one thing, something you never think about. In this case, the coveted SSO mailing list. Seems our service provider decided to switch systems. Sure, I got the warning, made sure the content was backed up. Never needed it, everything transferred smooth. What they didn't tell me was the mailing list was going to vanish. Poof, all of your email addresses that had been collected for that rare time I send out an email alerting you to the new issue - GONE. Also gone, some of the stuff that was sent to me that I hadn't yet downloaded. Don't worry, I'm not crying in my beer, just giving you the low down. I was able to reconstruct some stuff, but if you want to be on the mailing list again, just drop a note to riderx@singlespeedoutlaw.com and you'll be back on the list. And, as always, we won't sell your name to any slimeball spammers. We're still the only slimeballs who will have access to your info.

Ride on,


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