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Editor's Note

November, 2001

Fanaticism. Good or Bad? Well, it can be both. Single speeders get accused of it quite a bit and me personally, I stand guilty as charged. But, we are talking about bikes here so, goddamnit, I would say it is good. On the other hand, some serious shit went down on Sept. 11, 2001. Sorry for the language to any kiddies who may have jumped on over here, but that's the only way to describe it. And, by all accounts, it seems fanaticism had a good deal to do with it. And we sure aren't talking bikes here. So, lesson for today, be careful how seriously you take things. No need to go overboard, you believe what you want, I'll believe what I want. Two wheels good, four wheels bad. Or maybe just four wheels not as good. Maybe I'm rambling, but I think you get where I'm going. Don't forget though, in the words of Rage Against the Machine, "Know Your Enemy". Think about it. Now go ride your bike, because it's one of the things that makes this crazy world bearable.

Ride on,


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