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Issue #2
Heavy Seas Beer
Real Beer.

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Editor's Note
Issue Intro
Junk Drawer
Listening Booth
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The Bicycle Escape
Clipper City Beer
Serfas Optics
Kenda Tires
Chrome Messenger Bags
Honey Stinger
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Editor's Note

August 11, 2001 4:20pm

Brothers and sisters of the congregation, you are here because you have found the light or are seeking the light. Seekers, one gear may hurt you, but pain is part of the salvation. Follow the path to enlightenment. The path to one gear. Leave behind those heathen multi-speeds, they are the way of the evil one. Do not be tempted to downshift on that climb, you will only feel shame in the morning. Yes, most of us have sinned, we have fornicated with the gears, but you can be saved. We ask those who have found the way to support the new comers as they seek the enlightened path, the single speed way of life. Do not frown upon those multi-geared masses, but embrace them and show them the love, the way of the single and why you smile every time you mount your simple steed and pedal across the crest of this beautiful planet. The time is now brothers and sisters, so go out and spread the word. Amen and halleluiah, go save some souls.

Ride on,
Reverend Joe Whitehair
Devil Head


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