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Issue #1
Heavy Seas Beer
Real Beer.

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Editor's Note

Here it is, the first issue of Single Speed Outlaw. Issue, what do you mean, I thought this was a web site? Well, yes and no.

This is going to be published on a periodic basis, like a magazine. The only difference is we aren't killing trees, it's a lot cheaper to publish, and we can reach a lot more people. Instead of coming back every once in a while and having one or two new updates, when things change, they'll change in a big way. We'll keep updating links and events to keep them fresh, but otherwise, you'll have to wait for the next issue to get your fix. It'll be like getting that new mag out of your mailbox, lots of stuff to look at all at once. Want to get on the mailing list so you know when the new issue is out? Head over here. Do we really need to tell you that we won't sell your name to

One gear bikes aren't for everyone, but I'll try to convince you otherwise. Low maintenance, low cost (if you want), and lots of smiles per mile. If you don't want to ride one, fine with me. Just don't hassle me because I do. If you do, it's going to get ugly. You've been warned. Bikes are fun and bikes are useful, that's all you need to understand.

Here's one good reason to ride a single speed: It will make you a better rider. If you don't have that crutch known as gears, you have to work harder on the hills, spin more on the flats, learn how to maximize your machine in different situations. You want to be a better rider don't you?

Enough Single Speed Philosophy, read the issue.
Joe Whitehair a.k.a. riderx, Single Speed Evangelist


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